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  • There are 40 questions.
  • You have 120 minutes to complete the exam.
  • You must wait 24 hours between attempts.

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1. You can securely transfer audiences from third-party insight providers (DMPs, etc.) to Amazon DSP via Amazon’s Advertiser Audiences. Which of the following statements is true?

2. Which of the following are short commands or shortcuts for commands passed to Amazon DSP to enhance ad line and creative monitoring capabilities externally, without the need to generate multiple third-party tag sets.

3. What advertiser insights can you use to build lookalike audiences?

4. Is it a best practice to select multiple private marketplace deals on the same line item?

5. Select all settings you must adjust when setting up a private marketplace deal in Amazon DSP.

6. Amazon Ads is integrated with multiple supply-side platforms (SSPs), meaning you can easily access your negotiated inventory with third-party suppliers via Amazon DSP, and run all of your campaign strategies in one place.

7. Which of the following are true?

8. If you select “Maximize performance” as the bid strategy in order settings, but uncheck “bid optimization models,” what happens?

9. If you associate two pixels to an order, and they both have the same event type, the combined ad-attributed conversions for both those pixels will be aggregated into one column in reporting.

10. Amazon Publisher Services (APS) allows Amazon DSP advertisers to have direct access to premium publisher inventory for increased efficiency and performance without supply-side fees.

11. If you use third-party served creatives in Amazon DSP, which of the following policies are true?

12. Which activity provides a stronger signal of an ad’s impact on a conversion.

13. This type of pixel can be generated by navigating to the events tab in Amazon DSP.

14. If you have an existing server-to-server integration with a third-party measurement provider, you must use the adapter URL Amazon Ads provides, you cannot use a pixel.

Download Amazon DSP Advanced Certification Answers – PDF

15. Amazon Ads allows you to build and engage with audiences that have streamed content on Twitch, based on channels, genres, and games, with a 180-day lookback window.

16. Using the audience builder in Amazon DSP, you are able to create custom audiences based on which of the following?

17. Which is a tool where advertisers buy ads in an automated fashion?

18. If you want to control your pacing and performance trade-off for your advertising campaign, what is the best option to choose in order settings?

19. Amazon Ads enables you to create brand-based audiences around which of the following behavior types?

20. An advertiser is looking to secure inventory on the homepage of and wants to buy it for $20 CPM. Entering into which type of private marketplace deal with the publisher would guarantee their inventory at a fixed price?

21. Advertiser A bids $0.45, Advertiser B bids $0.65, and Advertiser C bids $1.05. Which of the following is true in a second-price auction?

22. Which audience type drives consideration for your brand, by engaging users that have regularly demonstrated shopping behaviors reflective of broad interest groups, like tech enthusiasts and foodies.

23. Amazon Advertising tag (AAt) supports conversion insights. Therefore, you do not need to use a simple conversion pixel for conversion insights, optimization, and reporting.

24. Third-party video creative type supports which of the following third-party tags?

25. When directing to an Amazon Ads site for mobile in-app ads with a third-party tags, you can use a 1×1 pixel or a redirect.

26. Choosing this simple pixel type allows you to manage fewer pixels and gives more flexibility when embedding them.

27. How will conversions be impacted (if at all) after a campaign ends?

28. Attribution reinstatements occur 10 days, 2 weeks, and 4 weeks after the original conversion is attributed to a campaign. This process then occurs on a rolling basis following each reinstatement.

Download Amazon DSP Advanced Certification Answers – PDF

29. A customer views an ad, clicks on the ad, and then makes a purchase. What type of activity is this?

30. What is Amazon DSP’s attribution lookback window?

31. When are conversions for Amazon DSP campaigns reported?

32. Which of the below is NOT considered a conversion metric?

33. Which of the below statements is true for private auction deals?

34. You are running a campaign with the bid strategy “Maximize performance,” and your campaign is under-pacing, but you are hitting your goal KPI. What is an optimization you can implement to improve pacing?

35. Which auction type is a digital buying model where the highest bidder above the floor price wins the auction, and pays exactly the amount they bid?

36. Lifestyle audiences can be used to drive brand awareness, and for advertising everyday products and services such as B2B courier services, organic produce, etc.

37.  Amazon Garage, Twitch, Whole Foods Market, and Amazon Fresh stores are examples of which type of audience?

38. Bulksheets are which file format?

39. When using Amazon Advertising tag (AAt), you must install event code on each page of your website where the user action takes place or use a tag manager to ensure AAt is placed on each page.

40. You can append a third-party tags to a mobile Amazon Ads owned and operated creative to enable you to pull viewability reporting in the third-party’s portal.

41. Bulksheets are recommended to manage:

42. When you’re creating a simple pixel in Amazon DSP, which of the following is true?

Download Amazon DSP Advanced Certification Answers – PDF

43. Which of the following are reasons your private marketplace deal may not be bidding?

44. You can download campaign settings and upload modifications via bulksheets in either your advertiser or order view.

45. Creative macros can be used to allow third-parties to view metrics to provide greater visibility into third-party creatives served through Amazon DSP.

46. A customer purchases a product from your brand that is not a tracked ASIN for your campaign. The purchase will be counted as a brand halo purchase, allowing you to understand the overall lift in brand-wide conversions from your campaign.

47.Simple pixels can capture attributes such as page type and purchase value, which Amazon Advertising tags (AAt) can’t, making remarketing easier with simple pixels.

48. Your order is running the “While spending full budget, maximize performance” bid strategy and opted into “bid optimization models.” The lines in your order start under-pacing. This will most likely cause which of the following?

49. Ads are only eligible for conversions if users have either clicked or viewed the ads.

50. All lines in an order are opted into budget optimization, but the most efficient line has the lowest allocated budget. What is an optimization you could make to help allocate more budget to that top-performing line?

51. For your campaign to receive credit for conversions, you must associate the appropriate ASINs or pixels to your campaign in order settings.

52. You can set up a private marketplace deal manually or through an API.

53. Which type of Amazon audience segment should you use when trying to drive sales of a new product?

54. Which of the following is an insight that is collected through Amazon DSP’s Amazon Advertising tag (AAt) solution?

55. Which of the below scenarios is correct based on the below shopper journey for ads served in Amazon DSP?

56. You can modify parameters to include in bulksheet downloads.

Download Amazon DSP Advanced Certification Answers – PDF