What does the S.M.A.R.T. in S.M.A.R.T. goals stand for? Select all that apply:

  • Specific: Work with clear intentions, not broad or vague goals.
  • Smart: Think hard about what the project means to the company.
  • Meaningful: How this goal will help bring meaning to the organization.
  • Measurable: Provide a method to gauge your success by setting benchmarks to meet.
  • Acceptable: Objectives that are approved by the leadership team and board of directors.
  • Achievable: Sensible objectives that are realistic and able to be achieved.​
  • Relevant: Cut out unnecessary or irrelevant work that could take away from what’s important.
  • Repeatable: Goals that can be reliably achieved over and over.
  • ​Timely: Set a clear beginning and end to adhere to in reaching your goals.
  • Transparent: Objectives that everyone on the team understands and knows why they were implemented.

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