Jeremiah is an in-house SEO specialist for a car rental company with locations across the U.S. He works closely with the firm’s web designer, Maria, who mentions to him that she’d like to contextualize the site’s homepage by displaying the nearest car rental pickup spot based on the user’s location. Jeremiah thinks this is a great idea, but has concerns about how it may slow down the site. What solution could Jeremiah employ to keep the functionality while maintaining the site speed?

  • There is no solution to keep this functionality and avoid slowing down the page, resulting in decreased performance. Therefore, Jeremiah should recommend that Maria not use it.
  • Use an open source web bundler to combine all the JavaScript on the homepage, placing it at the bottom of the page.
  • Put the JavaScript that generates the site location in the HTML of the page where it’s needed, and keep non-essential JavaScript in the page footer.

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