How to Create the Right Atmosphere in your Beauty Salon

The salon or spa is a place for people to escape to, a place to rejuvenate and refresh themselves away from the rush and hurry of everyday life. Yet many salons don’t put a lot of thought and effort into what atmosphere and ambience they want to creat in their space, which not only creates the right environment for your salon services, but also creates the ‘brand’ for your salon – the image you show to the world. Some careful thought into some of the vital factors that shape the style and atmosphere of your salon can really help to bring in more customers and grow your business in an organic way. Here we take a look at a few factors to take into consideration when creating the brand and the atmosphere for your spa or salon.

What’s Your Style?

Your style is your brand – because first impressions count. Your style should reflect your values as a business and draw in your target market, as well as being a brand that will draw in customers to your salon over other competing salons. The branding of your salon is part of a bigger picture that includes formulating the right name, logo and overall image for your spa, but let’s start with the general idea. Do you want your spa to be a place where customers can come to get away from it all and enjoy premium, luxury services? Do you want to offer a family friendly environment with a child care area? Are you offering great services at affordable prices? Your message is about much more than just you services, it’s who you are, and your style should reflect that too.

Choosing a Design

The right design for your particular salon will reflect your style or message as well as taking into account the services you offer, your location and of course your target market. If you are creating an affordable salon, clean, simple lines, open space and modern furnishings reflect what your target market expects to look for, a clean, modern yet not overly complicated facility. For a more upmarket and luxurious salon think plush furnishings, feature art pieces and private rooms to complete the picture of an oasis in a spa. The design and the artistic style of your salon will affect how your customers feel and it will affect you as your workplace as well. It’s important to consider how suitable the design or the materials are for your purposes and how easy they are to clean. Overall, you want a design that reflects your message, that will draw customers in and keep them coming back for more.

Creating the Right Ambience

Of course the style, design and layout of your salon will play heavily into the atmosphere, but there are 5 senses the human body experiences and so far at most we’re only covering 2 in terms of the physical appearance and furnishing of the salon – sight and touch. It’s really important to consider the other senses as well when creating the right ambience. For a fun, family salon, a little more noise and playful music is acceptable, but in a higher end spa you should ensure there’s adequate sound proofing and a nice, relaxing soundtrack on hand for customers to listen to. Inviting scents can add a lot to a salon too in creating the right atmosphere, but usually nothing more than a light fragrance is necessary as heavier smells can quickly become overwhelming. If you want to offer the next level of customer service, you can also address the final sense, taste, by offering a beverage like tea, coffee or sparkling water to your clients when they arrive or during or after their service.

Getting Service On Point

Your employees are the spirit of your business and their attitude and presentation will reflect heavily on the atmosphere and brand of the salon. All employees should be well groomed with  proper spa uniforms as this helps to create an image of utmost professionalism and service. Addressing all clients in a calm and relaxed manner helps to create a soothing atmosphere that your clients will love, bringing them back for your services again and again.

With these tips you can skillfully hone your salon into the destination your clients will love coming to for their services, with the right atmosphere, presentation and style.

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