3 Tips on Google’s New Remarketing for Search Advertisements

People should know and understand the concept of Google Remarketing before actually going to implement in on their websites. There is a big fuss in this direction, because marketers talk about the importance of this service for the ones that want to engage the users that have been on a specific site and offer those users ads that are relevant to what they are interested in as they are browsing the web.

The ones that have worked with this particular idea are extremely convinced of the effectiveness of it and strongly recommend to others. The great thing about this tool is the fact that Google has improved the setting up and the using of the remarketing In order for the process to be simple, efficient and without any bugs. The features are going really well and the tool is very user friendly. So, here are some tips when it comes to the remarketing tool.

#1 Universal Tagging System

This is really something that you need to consider, especially when it comes to taking control of the whole campaign. The tagging system helps you place an universal tag and link it to a page combination strategy that you’ve developed for the benefit of your company. Usually, this is done with the help of AdWords or similar tools.

Then, you just need to sit back and relax as the links and the tags will do the work for you. A great aspect here is the fact that there are endless combinations that your remarketing campaign can have. All you need is a little bit of imagination and some time to sort things out.

#2 Strategies and Segments

The idea of a strategy is to think of such a way to reach out to your targeted audience to the fullest. There are various ways to do so, but the remarketing tool brought from Google comes and highlights the idea of categorizing your audience under a certain type of tag, so that the emails which they receive are in their best interests. Another great fact about the system is the fact that it creates databases and list so that your users won’t be spammed with the same email over and over again.

Creating the list depends on the criteria that you want to apply, which can start from the search engines that users choose to use (Google, Yahoo, Bing) or the type of searches that they make (branded or non-branded search). Each of these criteria can have separate lists according to the type of audience that you choose to put your focus on.

#3 It’s user friendly

Making the proper adjustments with the tagging system brought by earlier versions was very complicated and had a lot of steps. The new one brings forth the idea that tags can be categorized accordingly to some variables that are extremely important. In this way, you wouldn’t create multiple versions of the same tag because it’s not necessary. The idea here is to have an universal tag that handles all the ads that are linked to a specific key detail.

These are just aspects of the remarketing tool brought by Google. It’s easy to use and very efficient to implement especially from the ones that want to reach specific targets.

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