Surprising Things that are bad for your Skin (from the experts in age spot removal)

You might be very surprised by some of the things you expose your skin and body to which are actually having a harmful effect. Some of the big ones you know – you know all about protection from the sun, for example. But we turned to the experts in age spot removal and ipl laser hair removal to find out the rest.

Surprising Things that are bad for your Skin (from the experts in ipl laser removal)


Some of your favourite and most comforting foods are not great for your skin, apparently. Dairy products may clog your pores, while too much salt can make you look puffy. Too much sugar, saturated fats, and processed carbohydrates also can have a negative effect and age your skin prematurely.

Alcohol and Coffee

Sorry to have to tell you about these culprits, but both too much alcohol and too much coffee are not good for your skin. These have a dehydrating effect on your skin, robbing your body of much-needed water.

You don’t have to avoid them altogether, but this could be a good reason to start cutting back! And make sure that you drink lots of water to make up for it.

Not rinsing off after the pool

Leaving the chlorine residue on your skin after a day in the pool is also bad for your skin. Even after a quick rinse, chlorine still has a way of stubbornly hanging around (which is why the smell lingers long after your shower). Lather up with a good soap to help wash it off.

Sleeping in your make up

Apart from the panda eyes you get in the morning, sleeping in your make-up can also clog pores and lead to bacteria on your face. Even if you are bone tired, or you think that the make-up probably mostly came off during the day already – use a good cleanser and wash your face properly.

Popping pimples

We know that this one is fun and satisfying, but again this is not good for you. Not only does it inflame the skin and can cause scarring, but you are pushing dirt and bacteria deeper into your skin. Just stop it, please.


If you love a long, steamy shower or a good lengthy soak in the tub, you might be shocked – long hot showers and baths are not good for your skin. This dries skin out and also can inflame and irritate it. If your skin is turning red or becoming itchy from the heat of your shower then it has been too long.

Talking on your phone

Again, we are sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but talking on your phone can cause premature aging and breakouts along your jawline and where the phone is resting. This is mostly because you are touching your phone with your hands all day, leaving all sorts of bacteria on the screen. Keep wipes handy to clean your phone regularly.

It’s never too late

Even if you partook a little too much in many of the things on our list, it’s never too late to make amends. Talk to the staff today about how they can help you turn back the clock on your skin.